Two Rings

Welcome to our first poem on Poetry Reveal! As you read, notice how well Sl!mmgene portrays his love and commitment towards towards something he loves. I know, this, as you may think, is common for most poets. But you would be surprised to find out that it is not. Two Rings Today I fell in loveToday I feel alive, today am not depressed, today seems brighter than yesterday and maybe than tomorrowToday am smiling something you never get to see And yes am a dark soulA broken being that you despiseBut today is different , today you gonna love my … Continue reading Two Rings

Letter to me

Hey. Its me. Well technically it’s you. It’s us. The us that knows only of nights, no days, no sun.I tried to hold onI gripped till my fingers hurtBut you kept throwing stones at meI tried to healBut you tore me apartI tried to smileIt ended in trickles of tearsI tried to be braveBut oh, the fearI tried to forgiveYou kept giving me reasons not toI tried to liveYou made sure i was dead. I won’t blame youI know you are going through a lot tooI know nobody knows that your pillow is covered in tearsI know nobody can see … Continue reading Letter to me

Poetry Reveal

Hello and welcome to the second week of Dead Poets Society. I am grateful for the far we have come and I’m excited to cover the journey with y’all.. so buckle up. This week, we will be doing poetry reveal. I have requested poets all over for pieces. If you also feel like you could share your poem, or piece, kindly feel free to do so, along with a little description about your blog. Including the link. I look foward to read all your amazing pieces. Who is with me? Continue reading Poetry Reveal


I write about my thoughts. I am sometimes scared to share what I write because I feel like I let out so much of myself (would not want the cat out the bag). But I could defend that. Which is to suggest that am an introvert. Though at times it depends on my company. Since through poetry I write what I did not say, paint what I did not draw, love what I pretended to hate, poetry is literally the core of my life (or the backbone at least) every time I write, I give out a little of myself. … Continue reading Sincerity